Danish Taimoor is hyped up after being mentioned in Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebratory video

Despite your identity and your calling, the point at which your superstar pound specifies your name before a great many individuals the solitary thing you are is blissful — and entertainer Danish Taimoor is a perfect representation of that.

The Deewangi star took to online media to praise his snapshot of pride after his #1 football star Cristiano Ronaldo hit 300 million supporters on Instagram and posted a video that highlighted Taimoor’s remark.

“I have been his greatest fan since Day 1,” Taimoor declared. “Toward the beginning of today, I was on my Instagram and saw his post on him hitting 300 million supporters, and as I am watching the video, I saw my name in there, and I was stunned. I was unable to accept my eyes,” he said.

“Even though being a full grown-up, I began commending like a child with Rayan. I actually can barely handle it. It’s difficult that ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ referenced me, It’s my object of worship, my goat, who referenced me in his video commending an achievement in his inheritance. It’s anything but honour and something I will always remember,” he added, overpowered with satisfaction.

Taimoor called these probably the most fantastic days of his life, saying thanks to Ronaldo for this triumph.

With his little gathering with his child Rayyan, Taimoor has advised us that even the most well-known famous people are just people and frequently kids on a fundamental level.


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