Abbottabad: Former state leader and PTI director Imran Khan will address a public social affair in Abbottabad on Sunday (today).

The courses of action for the public social occasion have been concluded. Upwards of seven strolls through entryways have been introduced at the jalsagah to keep away from any possibility.

Seven hundred cops will be sent for the security of the public social event. The senior administration of the PTI, including KP CM Mahmood Khan and acting lead representative Mushtaq Ghani, will likewise address the public convention.


On Friday, it arose that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan will address 14 public social affairs in about fourteen days.

Imran Khan will address the Pakistani overseas on May 7 (Saturday), separating London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland.

The impending public social events were planned for Abbottabad on May 8 (today), Jhelum on May 10, Attock on May 12, Mardan on May 13, Sialkot on May 14, Faisalabad on May 15, Swabi on May 16, Kohat on May 17, Chakwal on May 19 and Multan on May 20.

Besides, Imran Khan will address two separate shows of legal advisors and ulema and mashaikh in Lahore on May 18.

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