Islamic School and Burkha Get Banned in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka will boycott the wearing of the (ABAYA) and shutdown an excess of 1,000 Islamic schools, Government announced on Saturday.

This announcement Affects the minority of Muslims living in Sri Lanka.

Sarath Weerasekera (Minister for Public Security) told the news that he had approved the paper by signing it on Friday for the cabinet to support a ban on Burkha, which is used to cover some Muslim ladies’ face Public.

“In our initial days, Muslim ladies and young ladies never wore the burqa,” he said. “It is an indication of strict radicalism that came about as of late. We are certainly going to boycott it.”
The public authority intends to ban 1,000 Islamic schools because they are not working according to
Sir Lanka education policy.
“He said that nobody could teach our children whatever they want.”

The wearing of the burqa In the Buddhist country was incidentally restricted in 2019 after the bombing of churches and hotels by armed fighters killed more than 250.

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