Hype of Tesla New Plaid Model S ships next month

Tesla Model S is the fortunate vehicle that carried the organization into the spotlight. Tesla uncovered an epic overhaul of the Model S vehicle at the Q4 profit declaration on Wednesday, 28th of January. The new vehicle will have the world-record 520-mile range, going from 0 to 60 miles for each hour in less than two seconds. Some wild inside changes like another 17-inch scene dashboard screen, butterfly directing wheel, and a back traveler screen.

The Model S appeared in 2012 and prevailed upon the worldwide market. From that point forward, this electric car has continued as before. The forthcoming update will be its first major overhaul, and all Tesla sweethearts are here for it

Tesla Model S Powertrain

Tesla says that it has updated the powertrain, battery pack, battery module, and drive units on the new electric sedan. The company will launch three powertrain versions of the Model S.

Long Range

  • Dual Motor All-wheel drive
  • 421-mile range
  • 670hp peak power
  • 0-60 miles per hour in 3.1 sec
  • starts at $79,990
  • coming in March


  • Tri-motor All-Wheel Drive
  • 390 miles range
  • 1020 hp peak power
  • 0-60 miles per hour in 1.99 seconds
  • Starts at $119,000
  • coming in March


  • Tri-motor All-Wheel Drive
  • 520 miles range
  • 1100 hp peak power
  • 0-60 miles per hour in 1.99 seconds
  • Starts at $139,000
  • Coming in late 2021

Tesla Model S Interior

All three Model S variants will receive similar interior upgrades. The new design will copy the 17-inch portrait dashboard touchscreen, found in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. The display will have a cinematic resolution of 2200×1300, best for in-car gaming for all passengers. 

Tesla Model S Exterior 
The exterior of the new Model S cars is sportier and more aggressive. The majority of the rework will happen to the lower portion of the front fascia, and there will also be new wheels.

The Tesla Model X will also have upgraded Long Range and Plaid versions with the same exterior and interior makeover as the Model S.  

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