Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 Idea Involved Wolverine And Sounds cool !!

Before the offer of twentieth Century Fox to Disney, there were some huge plans producing for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, with the studio planning to make a Deadpool 3, yet in addition have him be a critical part in a gigantic X-Force film. Those thoughts got hindered by the consolidation, and now the ventures are probably going in new ways – yet on the off chance that you’ve ever considered what Deadpool 3 would have been about, we would now be able to give that answer, directly from the Marvel star himself.

Ryan Reynolds has provided this “leak” on his personal Twitter page, using the information to draw attention to a larger cause: namely “honest and healthy discussions around mental health.” According to the actor, the unmade sequel would have been a buddy picture featuring Deadpool on a road trip with Wolverine – with specific inspiration for the story taken from the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashomon. Check out his Tweet below (and in case you’re wondering, he verified that he’s really not lying in a subsequent post):

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