Peshawar High Court Order to Ban Tiktok

  • PHC says TikTok will stay shut till the organization answer PTA’s application
  • Peshawar High Court noted that TikTok videos are not suitable for the Pakistani society

PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan provided the request while hearing an appeal against the online media stage.

(PHC) on Thursday, requested the (PTA) to boycott TikTok, the famous online media For spreading vulgarity in the public eye. They said that TikTok’s videos were inadmissible for Pakistani society TikTok is influencing the vast majority of the adolescent.

PTA Director said that they have sent the Application to TikTok creators But had not got a positive reaction.

TikTok, which a Chinese organization claims, was restricted in October after many PTA warnings over offensive content. PTA later unban TikTok with conditions, and that it should stick to the laws of the country, This platform is not be used for vulgarity and should not abuse the value of the country

PTA had said that the action was taken after several complaints from society for sharing offensive and foul content on the video-sharing application.

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