Royal Navy Commando Fly Over the Sea with New Jetpack

The Royal Navy has delivered a film of marines arriving on vessels utilizing jetpacks as they try out the fate of fighting.

A video from the Elite Navy Unit shows the new Gravity Jet Suit being tried out in the English Channel.

Marines use the hardware, which has an expected worth of £300k – to take off from an apparatus fixed on to a bit of boat behind HMS Tamar and flying on to its deck and had the option to utilize them to pass stepping stools to help different soldiers.

The Royal Navy has been trying out the hero-style idea of Jet Suit attack groups since a year ago.

The fly packs can arrive at velocities of more than 85mph and can fly for more than 10 minutes.


Gravity’s jet suit utilizes four arm-and back-mounted jet motors to create more than 1000 torque of push. Much appreciated the plan; its wearer can change their speed and direction by changing the situation of their arms.

Gravity Industries organizer Richard Browning wore a similar suit in 2019, who crushed his reality speed record by arriving at a hair more than 85 mph while flying over England’s Brighton Pier.

Gravity has additionally worked with UK rescue vehicle administrations to permit paramedics to arrive at distant zones in record time.


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