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1500 Drone Is Used To Make QR Code To Download A Game

An armada of 1,500 drones took part in an unpredictable light show in Shanghai, China, as a feature of the commemoration remembrance of the Japanese pretending game Princess Connect: Re Drive.

1500 drone make QR code to donwload the game

The Drone robots participated in the show which made by the Chinese games organization Bilibili. Praising one-year commemoration of the game’s accessibility in China. Spectators who examined the QR code would have the option to download the game straightforwardly onto their cell phones.

As far as making an incredible advertising stunt, China drives the world promoting experience for their crowd.

By beginning with a contacting true to life heartfelt commercial mission down to AI-fueled advertising efforts, China has everything.

Also, to get things energizing, they are rethinking their methods of advancing their items with the utilization of LED lights and robots.

As robots catch amazing true to life recordings from a higher perspective, the game organization Cygames and video sharing stage Bili take this incredible piece of tech and make a Blade Runner-like true to life experience for the players of their game Princess Connect Re: Dive as a feature of its commemoration exceptional with shaping a QR code toward the finish of the show.

Set in the Skies of Shanghai, the trade capital of China, Cygames and Bili launch their Commemorative Princess Connect Re: Dive Anniversary show by taking 1, 500 LED drones up the skies at nightfall.

Toward the finish of the portrayal, the robots interest the observers by gradually assembling at the focal point of the Shanghai sky and structure into a searchable QR code that players sweep to open the game while in the show