Taliban Announced That women can join Government

The Taliban announced a “reprieve” across Afghanistan. They asked ladies to join its administration on Tuesday, attempting to quiet nerves across the strained capital city of Kabul that only the day preceding considered turmoil to be its air terminal as individuals attempted to escape the Taliban rule.

In those days, ladies were banished from going to class or working external the home. They needed to wear the widely inclusive burqa and join a male relative at whatever point they headed outside. The Taliban prohibited music, remove the hands of hoodlums, and stoned philanderers.

“The Islamic Emirate doesn’t need ladies to be casualties,” Samangani said, utilizing the Taliban’s expression for Afghanistan. “They ought to be in government structure as per Shariah law.”

He added: “The government design isn’t completely clear, yet given involvement, there ought to be a completely Islamic administration, and all sides should join.”

Sarangani stayed unclear on different subtleties, in any case, suggesting individuals knew the principles of the Islamic law the Taliban anticipated that they should follow.

“Our people are Muslims, and we are not here to force them to Islam,” he said.

On Monday, a huge number of Afghans raced into Kabul’s primary air terminal, some so frantic to get away from the Taliban that they clutched a tactical fly as it took off and plunged to their demises. Something like seven people died in that rush.


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