WhatsApp will shutdown Account If You Reject the new policy

The Deadline to accept the policy is 15 may, If don’t you will be unable to receive or send messages

If you rejected the policy your account will be listed as inactive and inactive account will be deleted in 120 days. Calls and warnings will in any case work for “a brief time.

WhatsApp January Announcement

There was a reaction among numerous clients who thought it implied the organization was intending to change the measure of information it imparted to its parent organization, Facebook.

It later explained this was not the situation – the update is really pointed toward empowering paymenst to be made to Campanies/bussines .

User Reaction

WhatsApp as of now share some data to Facebook, for example, the client’s IP address (It share which device your are using or in which area you are using your account) and purchases made by it.

This isn’t the situation in Europe and the UK, where diverse protection laws exist.

After the policy’s of WhatsApp , Telegram and Signal considered a to be flood popular as WhatsApp clients searched for optional encoded informing administrations.

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