Youtube Demonetized David Dobrik Channel

david dobrik

YouTube star David Dobrik has had his channels demonetized following an assault claim about a previous partner.

A lady claims she was raped by an individual during the shooting of a video for Mr. Dobrik’s YouTube divert in 2018.

Mr. Dobrik, who has 19 million endorsers on his foundation, has denied any bad behavior.

YouTube said it had severe arrangements that deny lewd behavior on its channel.

“We treat claims of rape appropriately,” the firm said in an assertion.

It has incidentally suspended adaptation for three channels worked by Dobrik – David Dobrik, David Dobrik Too, and Views, a video webcast co-facilitated by Dobrik and Jason Nash.

The channel run by the man blamed for assault was likewise taken out.

Plied with alcohol

The lady affirmed she was assaulted during the recording of a Vlog Squad video in 2018.

She supposedly says she was given liquor despite being under the legitimate age of 21 and got smashed to the place of obviousness.

David Said

“Regardless of whether I am shooting with a companion or I am shooting with a stranger, I ensure whatever video I am putting out, I have permission from that person.”

Police were not informed and no charges were recorded against the supposed culprit, Insider said.

Afterward, she said she was associated with group sex, which incorporated a Vlog Squad part when she was too inebriated to even think about consent.

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